Social Gaming Is the Future with Daniel Hansen from Videoslots

videslotsVideoslots won Best Innovation of the Year at the annual iGB Affiliate Awards for its Battle of Slots platform. With numerous other accolades and 1,500 online casino games, it is now one of the fastest growing online casinos. During this year’s edition of the LAC, Casino News Daily had the chance to talk briefly to Daniel Hansen, Head of Games at Videoslots, who told us more about Battle of Slots and what makes the product so unique and innovative for the market.

Could you, please, first introduce yourself?

I’m Daniel. I’ve been working for the company for two years and I’m now Head of Games. So, everything from future development to new game providers and current game providers – that’s what I do.

Congratulations on winning Best Innovation at the iGB Affiliate Awards for your Battle of Slots. Could you tell us what exactly Battle of Slots is?

Battle of Slots is a platform where you don’t play against the casino. You play against other players. It’s a social platform where you don’t really care about how much you win any more. It’s less about beating the others. And you can go social, you can check with the others, and it is also good for players who want to play freerolls.

Have you been at the LAC before?

Yes, I’ve been here once before.

And how do you find it?

It’s amazing! You meet all these people here and everyone wants to talk, everyone wants to see new things. It’s amazing! You have to come here.

In what way events like this help your business?

You get inspiration. I mean, I go around here and I can see what other people do. And I start thinking ‘okay, how can I make this better?’

Then, you also need other people to inspire you, to learn from each other, to get to know each other. It’s a really great platform to educate yourself. And then you also need people to know that you exist. You need to be here.

On a broader note, where do you see the casino industry in, let’s say, five years?

You can’t have a traditional casino any more. I think social gaming is the future. You need to entertain your players, to make them have fun. So, I think that what you now see on Facebook will soon be in real casinos.