Video Poker Guide

Video-PokerVideo Poker belongs to the small number of casino games, where thousands of players manage not just to make a living playing it, but to end up in possession of tremendous amounts of money. At the same time, tens of thousands of players around the world are in possession of sufficient knowledge of the game, so that they are able to have an astonishing experience during casino vacations, while also being able to take advantage of other benefits – and all that at a much lesser price than retail.

Unlike slots, video poker is game, which requires skill. It is a series of correct playing decisions that can lead you to a higher-ranking hand and a larger payout, respectively.

In the current guide we begin with a comparison between video poker and table poker. Next we dedicate a number of articles on those video poker games, that are worthy of your attention and their respective ranking of winning combinations.

Next, we discuss the features and functions of a standard video poker machine as well as its key component, known as the Random Number Generator. Here you will learn that there are certain video poker machines, which only appear as such, but are, in fact, something else.

At a later stage we take our time to familiarize you with the monetary side of video poker games – payoff-related terms and tools. After that we move forward with a number of playing strategies any player can take advantage of and offer a more profound view of each one of the games we recommended earlier.

Last but not least, we take some time looking into types of casinos, promotions, casino etiquette as well as the practice of comping.